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Chiasmi International

Volume 22, 2020

Mirrors and Other Technologies

Jérôme Melançon
Pages 433-439

Recension d’Ange Bergson Lendja Ngnemzué, Identité et primauté d’autrui. La philosophie merleau-pontyenne de l’hospitalité

The book Identité et primauté d’autrui presents a study of intersubjectivity in Merleau-Ponty. Subjectivity emerges against a background of a world shared with the other, a human world, and is preceded by its relationship to the other. The assumption of the primary character of this relationship takes on the shape of hospitality. Such a politics of hospitality is opposed to state politics aiming for cultural security and the defense of values, taking their origins in neoconservatism and notably deployed against immigration and mixity. This original study of hospitality, departing from Merleau-Ponty in an original manner while remaining anchored in the Phenomenology of Perception, offers a response to the need to protect an unavoidable ontological pluralism.