Business and Professional Ethics Journal

Volume 42, Issue 3, Fall 2023

Saida DammakOrcid-ID, Manel JmalOrcid-ID
Pages 359-399

Machiavellianism of Tunisian Professionals in the Face of Aggressive Tax Evasion Strategies

The present research aimed to determine the Machiavellian orientations of tax administration auditors in Tunisia when faced with aggressive tax evasion strategies. To this end, we sent questionnaires to 119 executives of Tunisian tax authorities in charge of the tax auditing missions classified into three categories: central inspector, chief inspector and general inspector. The data were analysed using the structural equation method. Statistical results show that auditors from the tax administration, with weak Machiavellian orientations, ethically judge aggressive tax evasion strategies and strongly believe in the importance of CSR. Thus, the results show that engagement in CSR practices plays a central role between the Machiavellianism of the tax authorities’ auditors and the dubious practices of tax evasion. The current study is the first attempt to analyse the effect of Machiavellian orientations of professionals and CSR practices on tax evasion in the Tunisian context.