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Business and Professional Ethics Journal


published on May 3, 2017

Thomas G. Pittz, Philip G. Benson, Melissa Intindola, Manos Kalargiros
DOI: 10.5840/bpej201742655

Opportunity or Opportunism?
An Examination of International Recruitment via Employer and Nation Branding Strategies

Despite attention to the concerns of labor migration by public policy makers and scholars, the effects of international recruitment policies in developed nations on the economies of the developing world have been largely unaddressed by management literature. This work addresses that lacuna by combining hitherto separate streams of management scholarship with the fledgling fields of nation and employer branding to consider their synthesis in an international context. This combination introduces the possibility for evaluating the effects of recruitment practices on developing economies and creates space for future research regarding ethical international recruitment policies. We explore and discuss these issues from the perspective of potential employees in developing economies and offer suggestions to guide future research in this area.