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Business and Professional Ethics Journal

Volume 29, Issue 1/4, 2010

Scott T. Paynton, Maxwell Schnurer
Pages 63-83

Corporate “Grassroots” Activism
A Juxtaposition

Ideological positions are often rooted in binary terms. If a group or entity holds one ideological position then it seems reasonable that they cannot hold the opposing position. This has resulted in a division between corporate public relations and grassroots movements who oppose practices they believe negatively impact society and the environment. However, what happens when corporations practice ideologically justified business decisions that were called upon by grassroots movements for change? What happens to suppliers and distributors who must operate under the demands of changing manufacturing and consumer behaviors? This paper examines the blending of corporate commercial practice with social and environmental ethos that works to form commercial grassroots activism to positively impact manufacturing and purchasing behaviors.

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