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Business and Professional Ethics Journal

Volume 29, Issue 1/4, 2010

Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Belal A. Kaifi
Pages 33-61

Afghan-Americans’ Awareness of Business Ethics
A Study Based on Gender, Age, and Education

High ethical standards have always been at the core of the Afghan culture throughout the country. Unfortunately, over the past few years in Afghanistan, bribery and corruption have become more widespread throughout the government offices as employees attempt to serve their customers. This quantitative study of 98 male and 116 female Afghan-American respondents analyzes their perceptions regarding the recognition of dilemmas related to ethics and bribery. The 214 Afghan-American responses are compared with the average scores of 602 American respondents from the retail industry. The groups’ scores are significantly different with the later reporting less tolerance for unethical behavior. It appears that there are no differences in the responses of Afghan males and females. The younger generation seems to be as ethically mature as the older Afghans. Finally, higher education levels among the Afghan respondents demonstrated a statistically significant and positive correlation toward ethical maturity. Results and implications are presented.

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