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Business and Professional Ethics Journal

Volume 25, Issue 1/4, 2006

Rajan Nataraajan, Wen-Yeh Huang, Alan J. Dubinsky
Pages 19-38

Ethical Perceptions in the Retail Buyer-seller Dyad
Do They Differ?

Extensive empirical work has examined ethical perceptions of different occupational groups in marketing. Additionally, researchers have explored ethical apperceptions of industrial customers and retail consumers. Minimal effort, though, has been directed at investigating differences in ethical perceptions between buyers and sellers, notwithstanding considerable theoretical arguments for doing so. This paper reports the results of a study that focused on differences between retail customers’ and retail salespeople’s perceptions of questionable buying and selling behaviors. Findings indicate that the two groups differ in some respect depending on which group (consumer or salesperson) is engaging in the questionable conduct. Managerial and future research implications are provided.

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