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Balkan Journal of Philosophy

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2012


Ioan Biris
Pages 61-68

The Relation of Similarity and the Communication of Science

It has been said, not without some justification, that the knowledge process is, after all, a forward from „the identical to identical”, which means, firstly, that the advance of knowledge involves the principle of reduction, and secondly, that every step forward in knowledge involves the relationship of similarity, since the operation of reduction can not function without it. But this means, further, that all scientific knowledge must assume the methodological principle of derivation of the future from the past. However, it also means that any communication of science is based on similarity to find those images to match – in a more accessible language – pictures of the more technical languages. Such a situation was acknowledged by some scientists but also by some philosophers of science. In the following we try to reconstruct a possible way of this approach.

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