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Balkan Journal of Philosophy

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2011

The Dialogue between Analytic and Continental Philosophy

Maria Trofimova
Pages 91-100

Phenomenology of Prepredicative Experience

The paper reconstructs Husserl’s investigations into prepredicative experience supposed to ground predicative thinking and logic. It suggest that this investigation is one of the crucial points where phenomenology should seek out cooperation with cognitive science, especially with experimental neuropsychology and psychopathology. It suggests that these disciplines can present us with valuable descriptions of prepredicative experience, whether they be records of brain activity, observations of infant behavior, or descriptions of pathological changes in self-awareness and intentionality, although the naturalistic approach of positive science and the transcendental stance of phenomenology are based on different methodological and metaphysical grounds. It suggests a fertile dialog between phenomenology, essentially based on rational predicative thought, and cognitive science rich with information about deeper preconceptual processes of our cognitive processing.

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