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SPECIAL ISSUE of the Balkan Journal of Philosophy for 2022


Computer simulations and the scientific models of natural and social phenomena they utilize have been a focus of philosophers of science for the last two decades. Discussions and debates of their various epistemological features and the exact nature of the scientific insights they provide are increasingly relevant. They have been compared with both experimental techniques and theoretical inferences, and numerous specific cases have been thoroughly analyzed. Moreover, these scientific techniques have been central to tackling pressing global issues, such as climate change or the covid-19 pandemic. This makes answering the philosophical questions concerning them extremely relevant. We thus invite submissions that address the epistemology and ethics of computer simulations and modelling across scientific fields.

We are interested in submissions addressing various philosophically relevant epistemic features of different types of computer simulations in science, such as agent-based and equation-based simulations. These features include the categorizations and definitions of computer simulations, questions of their validation, as well as similarities and differences between simulations and scientific experimentation; we especially encourage case-based studies of computer simulations exploring phenomena of current wider interest. We also welcome novel and less discussed philosophical takes on the topic including the controversies that the results of simulations generate within the scientific community and the public, the way they inform policy, and the criteria that underlie their interpretation in various scientific, public and political contexts.

Submitted papers should not exceed 8,000 words (including references, an abstract of about 150 words, and a short list of keywords). Papers should be sent to the journal’s email address at: [email protected].

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 30, 2021.

This special issue will appear in 2022.