Volume 66, Issue 260/261, Enero/Junio 2021

Pablo IrizarOrcid-ID
Pages 153-188

La imagen de Dios como mito del origen
Un ensayo crítico de la investigación actual sobre la interpretación de Agustín del texto de Gn 1, 26 (387-400)

This essay offers a critical survey of recent research into Augustine’s interpretation of Gn 1.26. The first part contextualizes the discussion within the broader landscape of world creation narratives and origin myths. Against this background, the second part analyzes recent learned discussion on Augustine’s (anti-Manichean) interpretation of Gn 1.26 for the period 387-400. By way of preface, the study offers a concise state of the art on the study of Gn 1.26 in the work of Augustine. The survey suggests the image of God functions as an origin myth during the period in question. The conclusion suggests exploring the neglected communal embedding of Augustine’s interpretation of Gn 1:26 as a fruitful venue for future research.