Volume 66, Issue 260/261, Enero/Junio 2021

Bruno N. D’AndreaOrcid-ID
Pages 21-115

'In domo disciplinae': una relectura integral del 'De disciplina christiana' de Agustín de Hipona

The article offers a comprehensive reading of Augustine’s 'De disciplina christiana'. After an introduction, the article makes a review of the studies on the 'De disciplina christiana'. Afterwards, the article presents a rhetorical analysis of the Work, stressing particularly the inuentio and the dispositio. In a third part, the article presents a careful examination of the contents of 'De disciplina christiana'. Finally, the article presents a comprehensive reading of 'De disciplina christiana', letting aside ethical or moral aspects, and mainly highlighting its ecclesiological elements in relationship to other works of Augustine, both earlier and contemporary to the 'De disciplina christiana'. The article finally offers some conclusions, stressing the possibilities of research on Augustine’s 'De disciplina christiana'.