Volume 65, Issue 258/259, Julio/Diciembre 2020

Bruno N. D’AndreaOrcid-ID
Pages 305-321

'In tuam invocationem rumpebam nodos linguae meae' (conf. 1, 14): Un poco más que aprender a hablar

The first book of Augustine’s Confessions has attracted the attention of many Scholars for a long time, especially the interest of those who study the Philosophy of Language. The article presents some considerations about the acquisition of language as explained by Augustine in the first Book of the Confessions, trying to verify if the only purpose of the Bishop of Hippo when narrating this event, typical of pueritia, was to communicate to the reader when and how he learned to speak. The article tries to point out that Augustine probably wanted to describe the moment when he was able for the first time to address God. In this sense, Augustine’s intention would be to point that the process of learning to speak is a necessary step to be able to call on God, to praise him and to pray, all topics which are important within Augustine’s Confessions.