Volume 65, Issue 256/257, Enero/Junio 2020

Spiritalis Homo II: La vivencia de la Espiritualidad Agustiniana

Vittorino Grossi
Pages 281-296

La dimensión agustiniana del obispo

The article presents those elements that were required of a bishop in Late Antiquity, both the cultural elements, as well as the spiritual ones, that he must have as the father of the Christian community. The article reviews some sermons of Augustine of Hippo, particularly those preached on the anniversary of his episcopal consecration (ss. 23; 46; 47; 49; 101; 270; 339; 340A; 355; 356). Such sermons have a particular interest, since they express Augustine’s point of view when interpreting his episcopal ministry in the context of the late Antiquity society, particularly in the Latin area.