Volume 65, Issue 256/257, Enero/Junio 2020

Spiritalis Homo II: La vivencia de la Espiritualidad Agustiniana

Vittorino Grossi
Pages 91-112

El pensamiento de Agustín sobre la vida conyugal y la sexualidad: influencias y equívocos

The article addresses Augustine’s understanding of human sexuality and the spirituality of the married couple, and has two parts. In the first part, some orientations are given for reading the ancient Christian texts; in the second part, the thought of Saint Augustine on the subject of human sexuality and spirituality of the married couple is exposed. On the other hand, some of the mistakes derived from the Augustinian thought are discussed. The article also presents a current application of the Augustinian thought on sexuality and the spirituality of the married couples in the Contemporary World.