Volume 65, Issue 256/257, Enero/Junio 2020

Spiritalis Homo II: La vivencia de la Espiritualidad Agustiniana

Vittorino Grossi
Pages 53-78

Para leer la espiritualidad de Agustín. Elementos espirituales

The article deals with the key ideas to understand S. Augustine’s Spirituality, setting in its context the figure of the postconstatinian saint, and discussing the topic of the degrees of sanctity in Saint Augustine. Later, it deals with the various spiritual phases in the writings of Saint Augustine, dividing the life of the doctor of Hippo in two moments, before and after his priestly ordination, pointing out in the second stage the role and function of the Holy Spirit as love and principle of holiness. The importance of spiritual man in the period of the anti-Pelagian struggle is also revealed. It also explains what is for Saint Augustine the spirituality of the heart.