Volume 65, Issue 256/257, Enero/Junio 2020

Spiritalis Homo II: La vivencia de la Espiritualidad Agustiniana

Vittorino Grossi
Pages 23-51

Para leer la espiritualidad de san Agustín. Elementos culturales

The article offers an outline of the context of the classical culture in which Christianity developed in the first three centuries, highlighting the humanistic culture of Seneca, the neo-Pythagorean school of the Sextii and the popular preaching of the Cynical Philosophers. On the other hand, the context of classical culture in Christianity of the 4th and 5th centuries is addressed, to highlight the problems that arose when trying to combine “culture” and Christianity. As an example of this problem, the case of Basil the Great and his Discourse to the young is offered. Subsequently, the article presents a series of open questions about the future of spirituality in relationship with «culture / cultures». The article ends with a discussion about Roman Paideia and the Christian Paideia.