Volume 64, Issue 252/253, Enero/Junio 2019

XVIII Congreso Internacional de Estudios Patrísticos, Vol.I

Gaetano Colantuono
Pages 61-83

Quid faciunt hirci in grege Dei? Parenética, polémica e historia social en el s. 47 de Agustín

The article deals with s. 47, stressing the lexical, linguistic, rhetoric, symbolic, argumentative aspects, related to three main topics: 1) The exegetical and controversial elements of the symbolic value of goats (hirci); (2) the analysis of the vocabulary and of the polemical antidonatist motives in the homily; (3) the legal influence (also at the lexical level) as part of the controversial christian homiletics in post-Theodosian age.