Volume 63, Issue 250/251, Julio/Diciembre 2018

Jean-Luc Marion, Enrique A. Eguiarte B.
Pages 507-519

Nota sobre el uso de Substantia en san Agustín y sobre su pertenencia a la historia de la Metafísica

The aim of J.-L. Marion’s article is to revisit the important debate on the place of Augustine in the history of metaphysics. Often, quibbles arise upon considering the use of substance (substantia) by Augustine, not only as approximative of essentia and as synonymous with ousia, but in deciding whether in so doing Augustine effectuates a ‘metaphysical turn’. While he elsewhere argues that Augustine is a pre-metaphysical thinker, in this article Marion focuses on showing the diverse range of usages of the term substance in the Augustinian corpus. Marion observes: first, whenever substance seems a fixed definition, the term allows for equivocity; second, God is substance in an indeterminate sense or by negation; third, human beings are substances fundamentally to capture the mutability of human existence. As such, Marion concludes, the Augustinian use of substance is insufficient to inelude Augustine in the history of metaphysics.