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Volume 63, Issue 248/249, Enero/Junio 2018

Enrique Eguiarte
Pages 1-38

Elementos esenciales de la ecología según san Agustín

Although in St. Augustine’s time there was no ecological consciousness like the one we have today and the relationship with the environment was conditioned by other elements, the Augustinian thought about creation is extremely rich, and it helps us to discover different essential elements that can guide the ecological reflection in the present. The article presents some essential lines of the Augustinian ecological thought, such as the Augustinian thought about creation, the Trinity, the importance of Sacred Scripture, the doctrine of uti et frui, the universal destiny of the created things, the order, the Providence of God, the Trinity’s traces in all creatures as is presented in the text of Wis 11, 21, and it also stresses the linking of Protology with Eschatology in Augustine’s ecological thought.