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Volume 62, Issue 246/247, Julio/Diciembre 2017

Spiritalis Homo: Cuestiones de Espiritualidad Cristiana en Agustín de Hipona

Vittorino Grossi
Pages 511-553

Oración y predestinación: ¿Inutilidad de la oración?

In the article, the difficulty of reading Agustín’s works, both in his life and after his death, is briefly presented, making brief a historical summary of the reception of Augustine’s Idea if Predestintion. Then the possibility of a new way of reading of the Works of Augustine concerning the topic of predestination is proposed, following the modern methodological acquisitions on the textual analysis. The relationship elaborated by the Bishop of Hippo between predestination and prayer, particularly as it appears in perseu. and praed. sanct. is discussed.