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Augustinian Studies is a scholarly journal devoted to the study of Saint Augustine (354-430 C.E.). The editorial team welcomes contributions of between 4,000 and 8,000 words (including footnotes) from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, including history, theology, philosophy, and classics.

Although the primary emphasis of the journal is Augustine himself, more broadly conceived articles dedicated to influences on Augustine, to his (near-)contemporaries and their thought, to Augustinianism, and to Augustine’s influence on later generations are welcome. Any study bearing on or contributing to a deeper understanding of Augustine’s life, thought, and influence will be considered. In addition to the annual Saint Augustine Lecture, given each fall at Villanova University, Augustinian Studies also publishes substantive review articles on appropriate monographs, essay collections, and conference proceedings.

Instructions for Contributors

In preparing a manuscript for submission, authors are required to follow the Augustinian Studies style sheet, available here in PDF format. For all other issues of style or format, authors should follow the 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Augustine’s works should always be cited according to their Latin title. When abbreviations of his works are needed, they should be made according to the system established by the Augustinus-Lexikon.
Augustinian Studies also uses abbreviations for works that are frequently cited in the fields of historical theology, ancient Christianity, and the study of Augustine.
When citing the book, chapter, and/or paragraph for a passage from Augustine’s corpus, authors should follow the numbering system of the critical edition they have consulted and should use only Arabic numbers separated by periods; do not use Roman numerals, either upper- or lowercase, and do not separate the numbers with commas. Texts of any other ancient authors that are cited in modern translation in the text should be accompanied by the original text in a footnote. In some cases, it may be preferable to include important Latin or Greek terms or phrases within the text in parentheses.

Submission Procedure

Authors should submit manuscripts online through the journal's ScholarOne manuscript submission site:

All manuscripts should be submitted in Word format (“.docx” or “.doc”). It is not necessary to submit a printed copy of the manuscript by mail. Printed copies of submitted manuscripts will not be returned.