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Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review

Volume 8, Issue 1, 2017

Kyungsoo Lee
Pages 63-76
DOI: 10.5840/asrr201732831

Jumping Over the Distinctions
The Movement between “Here” and “There” in the Women’s Church, Korea

This is an anthropological study of the Women’s Church in Korea. The paper examines the organization’s symbols and rituals, taking a semiotic approach to ritual studies. By adapting Webb Keane’s “bundling of meanings” theory and Susan Gal’s fractal model of private/public distinction, four dimensions of rituals that are associated with the Women’s Church (objects, relations, narratives, and space) are identified and examined. By “jumping over” the distinction between the private and the public, new meanings are created, and this creation of meaning is related to the Women’s Church’s goal: the achievement of equality and liberation for the marginalized.