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American Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (AMINTAPHIL)

AMINTAPHIL is the American Association of Legal and Social Philosophy. It is an interdisciplinary organization that promotes scholarly work in philosophy of law and political and social philosophy. It holds a discussion meeting every two years, organized around topics such as Democracy in the 21st Century, Economic Justice, Just War Theory, Human Rights, and Justice and the Global Economy.

The International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Internationale Vereinigung für Rechts— und Sozialphilosophie or IVR) has sections in forty countries. AMINTAPHIL membership includes membership in IVR.

Anyone interested in philosophy of law or political and social philosophy is eligible for AMINTAPHIL membership. At their option, members receive a print copy of an AMINTAPHIL conference volume as a benefit of membership. All student memberships include the conference volume.

NOTE: The term of membership is two academic years. Now collecting dues for July 2023-June 2025.
(This will include vol 12 from the 2023 conference for those who select the conference volume)

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