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American Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (AMINTAPHIL)


History and Purpose

AMINTAPHIL was started in 1966 by a group of scholars reacting to the traditional conference format in which papers are submitted for presentation and then read to an audience, with little or no time for discussion.

These scholars sought a more informal forum for discussion of ideas in political and legal philosophy. They started the following practice: all participants would make a written contribution, whether in a principal paper or a commentary on one more principal papers. All the papers would be circulated in advance and attendees would be expected to have read them. There would be no formal presentations; the conference would commence with discussion of the papers and commentaries. This practice caught on and makes AMINTAPHIL meetings unique and especially enriching.

The new group became a participating part of the Internationale Vereinigung für Rechts— und Sozialphilosophie (IVR) in 1967. It organized an ad hoc evening session using the strategy of papers circulated in advance with collegial discussion. Since that time the group has been the American Section of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. The conference model adopted by the new group was soon applied by IVR and is used today for a large part of IVR congresses.

AMINTAPHIL remains an interdisciplinary membership organization, whose purpose is to promote scholarly work in philosophy of law and political and social philosophy.


AMINTAPHIL membership is open to any person interested in philosophy of law, political philosophy, political theory, or social philosophy. The most common disciplines of the members are law, philosophy, and political science. JOIN NOW!


Members of AMINTAPHIL are automatically members of the Internationale Vereinigung für Rechts— und Sozialphilosophie and are welcome to attend its World Congresses. Scholars in political and legal philosophy from all over the world participate in these events. IVR congresses are a wonderful opportunity to share ideas with colleagues from across the globe. The 27th IVR World Congress will be held 27th July – 1st August 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Recent IVR World Congresses

  • 2013 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    "Human Rights, Rule of Law, and the Contemporary Social Changes in Complex Societies"

  • 2011 - Frankfurt, Germany
    "Law, Science, Technology"

  • 2009 - Beijing China, China Law Society
    "Global Harmony and the Rule of Law"

  • 2007 - Krakow, Poland. Jagiellonian University
    "Law and Legal Cultures in the Twenty First Century: Diversity and Unity"

  • 2005 - Granada, Spain, University of Granada
    "Law and Justice in a Global Society"

  • 2003 - Lund, Sweden, University of Lund
    "Law and Politics: In Search of Balance"

  • 2001 - Amsterdam, Netherlands, Vrije Universiteit
    "Pluralism and Law"

  • 1999 - Pace University, New York, NY
    "The Transformations of Legal Systems and Economics in an Age of Global Interdependence"

  • 1997 - La Plata/Buenos Aires, Argentina
    "The Legal System; Arguments and Justification: Legal Logic; Ethics, Justice and Law; Political and Social Philosophy"

  • 1995 - Bologna Italy
    "Citizenship in the Twenty First Century"

  • 1993 - Reykjavík, Iceland, University of Iceland
    "Law, Justice and the State"

  • 1991 - Göttingen, Germany
    "Practica Reason and Theories of Justice"