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The American Journal of Semiotics



André De Tienne
Peirce Edition Project
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Cavanaugh Hall 519
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202–5140, USA

Email: [email protected]

Associate Editors

    Javier Clavere, University of the Incarnate Word
    Robert Hatten, University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Editor

    Baranna Baker, M.A.

Editorial Board

  • Myrdene Anderson, Purdue University
  • Ronald Arnett, Duquesne University
  • Prisca Augustyn, Florida Atlantic University
  • Priscila Borges, University of Brasília
  • Garnet Butchart, Duquesne University
  • Isaac E. Catt, Penn State University
  • John Coletta, University of Wisconsin
  • Marcel Danesi, University of Toronto
  • Gilad Elbom, Oregon State University
  • Sally Ness, University of California
  • Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville
  • Geoffrey Owens, Wright State University
  • Jamin Pelkey, Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Susan Rasmussen, University of Houston
  • Gila Safran-Naveh, University of Cincinnati
  • Farouk Seif, Antioch University
  • Martin Švantner, Charles University
  • Stéphanie Walsh Matthews, Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Donna West, State Univesrity of New York
  • Hong-Bing Yu, Toronto Metropolitan University

Fuller information regarding submission guidelines (format requirements, SSA style sheet, Chicago Manual Style, peer-review guidelines, and how to browse TAJS) are available on the website of the Semiotic Society of America, specifically under the SSA Publications tab.