Volume 62, Issue 2, December 2022

Matteo Monfrinotti
Pages 497-507

μαθηματικῶς ἀκουστέον (Clemente Stromateo, Quis dives salvetur? 18, 1)

This paper focuses on the expression μαθηματικῶς ἀκουστέον (q.d.s. 18, 1) in light of which it is possible to confirm the close relationship that Clement establishes between the teaching of the Savior and the duty of those who, confronting the wisdom of divine teaching, cannot exempt themselves from a careful investigation of the Word and are required to conduct research with the utmost awareness of the message so that, given the “parabolic” character of the Scriptures, every notion is understood “with mathematical rigor” without altering divine teaching in the least.