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Volume 61, Issue 1, June 2021

P. de Navascués, B. Outtier
Pages 269-273

Hippolytus. In Canticum II,3 (CPG 1871): las dos alianzas. Nota filológica

In Hippolytus, in Cant. II, 3 we find the Georgian term შჯულ-ი (šǯul-i) several times. G. Garitte rendered it in his Latin translation always as lex, causing quite a bit of obscurity in Hippolytus’ lines. The solution appears when we recognize that it can be traced both to the Greek νόμος and to διαϑήκη. If we take this into account, the text now flows harmoniously with other passages in the works of Hippolytus and with the literal tenor of the terms chosen by the Greek epitomist from the Interpretatio Cantici canticorum of Hippolytus.

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