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Volume 61, Issue 1, June 2021

Alberto Nigra
Pages 237-262

Note per l’attribuzione a Massimo il Confessore di parte degli Scholia al Corpus Dionysiacum
le cruces identificative in alcuni manoscritti della versione latina di Anastasio Bibliotecario

This article intends to provide a further contribution to the attribution of the Greek Scholia on the Corpus Dionysiacum by examining the Latin version by Anastasius Bibliothecarius. In particular, some Latin manuscripts have recently been identified, which retain many of the critical signs used by Anastasius in order to mark the scholia dating back to Maximus the Confessor. The collation of these cruces not only allows us to identify the contribution of Maximus as a scholiast of the Corpus Dionysiacum, but also to ascertain further the work of John of Scythopolis and to point out a possible way to research the contribution of other commentators of Pseudo-Dionysius.

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