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Volume 60, Issue 1, June 2020

Antonio Bueno Ávila
Pages 27-47

A vueltas con el Primer Testimonio (Io. 1,15-18) de Juan el Bautista y su identidad en el Commentarius in Iohannem de Orígenes de Alejandría

This article analyses an old issue regarding the identity of John the Baptist in the Commentary on the Gospel of John by Origen of Alexandria in response to the Gnostic Heracleon and some enigmatic anonymous adversaries. Taking as a starting point the two hypotheses existing nowadays about this topic, a new approach is proposed through which it is shown that both hypotheses are not mutually exclusive. The present work has been structured into two large sections. The context where this debate emerges is presented in the first part. This context refers to the continuity or discontinuity between the Old and New Testaments. The second part is focused on the identity of John the Baptist adopting the point view related to the impossibility of identifying the disciple with no specific character, also revealed in the first section.

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