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Volume 60, Issue 1, June 2020

Matteo Monfrinotti
Pages 9-25

«Leggere secondo le sillabe»
la spiegazione gnostica delle Scritture (Clem., Str. 6, 15, 131, 1-5)

The present contribution proposes the study of the exegetical-soteriological assumption, elaborated by Clement of Alexandria in Str. 6, 15, 131, 1-5, where a passage taken from the Vis. II, 1, 3-4 of Hermas is reinterpreted. The Gnostic exegete, who professes the true gnosis, must be aware that while it is possible for everyone to read the sacrad Scripture “letter by letter”, not everyone will be in a position to undertake the “Gnostic explanation”, but only those to which faith has opened the depths of the text, “the elect”, so that they are able to progress from the “letter” to the “syllable” bringing to light the message that goes beyond the letter, which is already engraved in the “new heart” and now preserved in the book that has been “renewed” by the Savior, the Logos of God.

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