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Volume 58, Issue 2, December 2018

Carlo Dell’Osso
Pages 597-608
DOI: 10.5840/agstm201858232

Il modello cristiano di theophóros ánthropos
suggestioni teologiche e antropologiche

This article discusses the concept of the theophóros ánthropos, which belongs to the Patristic tradition, especially to that of Antioch. This concept was widely used in Christology, while the adjective theophóros/deifer was also used for various purposes within the Patristic tradition, with reference to Christ, to the Virgin Mary, to the angels, to good Christians and to human beings inspired by God. The author presents the relevant Patristic texts, then suggests that this concept or model is used in two ways: in an ‘interdisciplinary’ sense, in that it appears in various theological contexts and fields; and in a ‘dialogical’ sense, insofar as the concept provides a bridge to philosophical as well as theological anthropology. In short, theophóros ánthropos is not only an anthropological model for believers, but also a useful concept in dialogue between theology and other disciplines.