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Volume 58, Issue 2, December 2018

Luisa Covello
Pages 511-531
DOI: 10.5840/agstm201858230

Ipotesi ricostruttiva dei sistemi di accesso della Basilica Onoriana di Sant’Agnese fuori le mura

The present paper aims at reviewing the complex of “Santa Agnese fuori le mura”, the most important architectural ensemble along the Via Nomentana, and one of the most renowned sanctuaries of the suburban landscape of Rome. This paper focuses, in particular, on today’s church, built right over the martyr’s burial by Pope Onorius between 628 and 635 A.D., and attempts to reconstruct its original appearance, taking into account both the status quaestionis and literary sources. Finally, research findings have been translated into a 3-D reconstruction of the church, in order to highlight the ancient close relationship between the building and the adjacent land, which was compromised following the renovation works carried out at the beginning of the 17th century.