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Volume 57, Issue 1, June 2017

Guillermo J. Cano Gómez
Pages 57-79

Hilario de Poitiers, In Mt. 7, 3-5 y la angelología

Saint Hilary of Poitiers in his Commentary on Matthew explains the famous scene of the centurion and his servant (Mt. 8, 5-13). According to Hilary, the centurion represents the “prince of the nations,” but he does not explain who this “prince” is because he wants to speak about the servant. However, he gives two references in the Bible for those who want to know who this prince is. The hypothesis defended in this article maintains that the prince is an angel who looks after the Gentile nations. This hypothesis is grounded in research on Hilary’s biblical references and in the comparison with other texts in which he expounds his doctrine about this type of angel.

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