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Volume 55, Issue 1, June 2015

Sergio Gerardo Americano
Pages 33-46

La versione latina Pseudo-Atanasiana (CPG 2255) Origine E Datazione

The Doctrina ad Antiochum ducem, incorrectly attributed to Athanasius of Alexandria, owes its importance to the transmission of extensive extracts from the Shepherd of Hermas. Doctrina is transmitted in Greek in two recensions, a brevior (in 11 chapters) and a longa (in 21 chapters); however the same recensio longa has been subject to a number of redactional phases. A Latin version edited only recently, the object of this present study, sheds light on these later redactions. Stylistic and historical-literary considerations prompt a dating in the 40’s of the sixth century and assign paternity to Paschasius of Dumium, a monk who lived in a monastery of the same name in northwest of Braga (Portugal) that was founded at the same time by Martin of Braga (ca. 510 — 579). The dating of the Latin version also entails a more precise dating of the original Greek, assignable to the beginning of the sixth century.

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