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Volume 53, Issue 1, June 2013

Raul Villegas Marin
Pages 139-193

Fieles sub lege, fieles sub gratia
eclesiología y teología de la gracia en Juan Casiano

According to John Cassian, God bestows his supernatural grace only upon men who transcend Christian legalism and take up Christ’s consilium perfectionis. God’s grace is merited by men who strive to perfection. In so doing, they place themselves sub gratia Christi. For Cassian, the true Christian community is composed solely of ascetics who have set themselves apart from ordinary Christians in order to attain the highest good to which human nature must aspire – the perennial contemplation of God. As Cassian has it, it is the main concern of the ascetic bishop to convey to ordinary Christians the call to perfection.

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