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Volume 51, Issue 2, December 2011

Donato Bono
Pages 315-330

Il canto del Servo (Is. 53) nell' opera di San Giustino

Following closely the footprint of the traditional New Testament reflection in Rom. 10,16 and in Io. 12,37 (= Is. 53,1), Justin inserts the poem of the Suffering Servant (Is. 52,13-53,12) within his account of the paradoxical and problematic refusal of Israel (1 apol. 50,2.3-11; 51,1-5; 52,3), and within a impressive baptismal catechesis (dial. 13,2-9), the most primitive echo of which is seen in Act. 8,26-40. Notwithstanding the view offered by other scholars, the Christian hermeneutics of Is. 53, has played an incisive role in the theological reflection of the first Christian community. Justin witnesses to its use within a reflection that takes into consideration the tension and negativity among early Christians surrounding the relationship between the two Testaments. He overcomes this tension by pointing out the perfect harmony between them, the essence of which is found in the prophecy of the Servant of YHWH.

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