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Volume 50, Issue 1, June 2010

Adriana Bottino
Pages 263-286

L'esegesi di Io. 10,1-10 in alcuni scrittori dei secoli IV-VI

From the starting point of Jesus's double self-definition as 'Door' in John 10.1-10 (10.7.9), in the solemn context of a disquisition on revelation, introduced by the formula Amen Amen and by I AM, indicating Christ as mediator, the article proposes a rereading and reinterpretation of some Greek and Latin authors from 4th to 6th century. By examining the meaning of the term Door, one can seize several aspects that go beyond the text: the statement mediation towards the Father, the different ways of the mediation: the salvific one, the ecclesiological side, the application to moral, ascetic, spiritual life and the escathological emphasis.

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