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Volume 50, Issue 1, June 2010

Clara Burini De Lorenzi
Pages 83-117

Il “Magnificat” (Lc. 1, 46-55) nella interpretazione di Origene e di Ambrogio

The present study propose a comparison between Origen and Ambrose with regard to Magnificat’s exegesis: Origen (HLc VIII) explain the hymn for above all to prove the manifestation of the Spirit in Mary and in Mary as well as in every perfect soul but the soul’s perfection be realized only by using virtuous life following the virtuous Mary’s example. Whereas the Ambrose’s exegesis (Exp. in Lc. 2,26-28) emphasize the Mary’s faith, model for our faith. “Anima mea magnificat Dominum” in Origen’s exegesis convey primarily a psychic and spiritual typus while a ethic typus in Ambrose's interpretation.

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