Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST)

Steering Committee

  • Peggy DesAutels, Chair
  • Keya Maitra, Treasurer
  • Asha Bhandary, Chair-Elect
  • Dianna Taylor, At Large
  • Serena Parekh, At Large
  • Xhercis Mendez, At Large
  • Christine Wieseler, Chair, Access Committee
  • Shay Welch, Chair, Diversity Committee
  • Tempest Henning, Grad Student Rep
  • Allison Weir, Chair, International Committee
  • Nathifa Greene, Chair, Nominations and Elections
  • Jeanine Weekes Schroer, Chair, Web Committee
  • Andrea Veltman, Archivist
  • Jean Keller, Chair, Publications Committee
  • Lisa Rivera, Liaison with PIKSI
  • Margaret McLauren, Co-Chair, Program Committee
  • Celia Bardwell-Jones, Co-Chair, Program Committee

Board / Officers
Conferences / Meetings
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