After Dinner Conversation

Volume 4, Issue 12, December 2023

Penny Milam
Pages 49-61

Yellow Is the Color of Choices

Is it moral to end your 14-year-old daughters’ pregnancy against her will? In this work of philosophical short story fiction, Megan’s father is divorced. 14-year-old Megan visits her father on weekends. One weekend she begs to go to the local farmers market, only for her father to find out her real motive, to visit a Senior in her High School running a wild honey stall. Her father takes the hint, and gives them time to socialize. For the next few weeks Megan cancels her weekend visits. Only on the fourth weekend does she confess the truth; she is pregnant with the Senior’s baby, and intends to keep it. Her father is furious, but realizes his fury is pushing his daughter away. Instead, he decides to allege his support and provide her with prenatal vitamins, which are really an abortion pill. He feels he has saved her future, but someday he knows she will learn the truth.