After Dinner Conversation

Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2022

J.G. Willem
Pages 90-114

Farewell, Odysseus

What are the long-term implications of haves and have-not to genetic medical advances? Should medical services that can be afforded by one, be freely made available to all? Do gatekeeping technologies make it progressively harder for the poor to change their status in the world? In this work of philosophical short fiction, the Dios are a group of super humans who, because of their wealth, have, over generations, made mental and physical enhancements to themselves. Those changes have compounded over time, making them a different, and superior, race. The only humans left on earth are those who didn’t start the enhancement process generations ago. Some, however, sometimes agree to go to live on Mars with the Dios as their pets. The narrator is one such person, that is, until he starts to ask too many questions.