After Dinner Conversation

Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2022

Vinícius Gadini
Pages 5-11


When should you try and change your fate, and when you should simply accept it? Is there useful peace in simply accepting your fate? In this work of fate-based ethics fiction, the narrator is walking down the street to the store when he sees a man neck deep in a muddy hole. He stops to try and help the man, but the man refuses, arguing the universe has put him in this hole, and it is not his place to go against the universe. The narrator tries to help the man out of the hole, but he fights back, refusing help. A lack of acceptance of your situation, the man argues, is what gives rise to strife and violence. He will be at peace and accepting of his situation. Slowly, the man’s head goes into the mud and he dies. The narrator walks on.