American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Volume 97, Issue 4, Fall 2023

Late Medieval Hylomorphism

Richard Cross
Pages 463-479

Ontological Commitment in Gregory of Rimini
Hylomorphism and the Complexe Significabile

This paper discusses two interrelated questions about ontological commitment in the thought of Gregory of Rimini (d. 1358), questions having to do with both hylomorphic composites of matter and substantial form, and with complexe significabilia that typically obtain in cases of substance–accident composition. The first question is that of the existence of real relations: neither hylomorphic composites nor complexe significabilia require real relations tying their various co-located components together. The second is that of the reducibility of such wholes to the sum of their parts: neither hylomorphic composites nor complexe significabilia are anything other than their co-located parts. And all such items can be disunited merely by a divine volition, requiring nothing extramental added to the ontology, and no change in position.