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American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Volume 89, Issue 2, Spring 2015

Paul Symington
Pages 195-222

The Analogical Logic of Discovery and the Aristotelian Epistemic Principle
A Semantic Foundation for Divine Naming in Aquinas

In this paper, I focus on the important semantic components involved in analogy in hopes of providing an epistemic ground for predicating names of God analogously. To this task, I address a semantic/epistemic problem, which concludes that the doctrine of analogy lacks epistemological grounding insofar as it presupposes a prior understanding of God in order to sufficiently alter a given concept to be proportionate to God. In hopes of avoiding this conclusion, I introduce Aquinas’s specifically semantic aspects that follow after the real distinction between a thing’s esse and its essence or form in the context of analogy and show that the ratio of a term can be altered in a way proportionate to a consideration of the mode of being of God.