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Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association

Mirela Oliva, Editor

The American Catholic Philosophical Association is a unique community steeped in classical sources and the Catholic philosophical heritage. Since 1926 it has sponsored an annual conference and published a selection of the conference papers in the Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. Each volume includes papers delivered by invited speakers, papers selected by blind review, and the President's Address.

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  • Contributors include Mortimer Adler, Frederick Copleston, Michael Dummett, Bas van Fraasen, Étienne Gilson, Germain Grisez, John Haldane, Walter Lippmann, Bernard Lonergan, Jacques Maritain, Jean-Luc Marion, Nicholas Rescher, Paul Ricouer, Richard Rorty, Wilfrid Sellars, Eleonore Stump, and Linda Zagzebski.

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