Electronic Publishing and Digitization Solutions

“We evaluated several electronic providers and found that Philosophy Documentation Center best meets our needs. PDC provides excellent, comprehensive service. We very much appreciate its personal approach and continuing support for our journal.”
– Dr. Christopher Janosik, Villanova University
, Journal of Catholic Social Thought

“Philosophy Documentation Center works creatively and collaboratively to help us increase online access to our journal. They do excellent and reliable work for us, and the University of Arkansas Press is happy to have PDC as a partner.”
– Mike Bieker, University of Arkansas Press
, Philosophical Topics

“Philosophy Today publishes in connection with Philosophy Documentation Center and we could not be happier. Their team got the journal online with incredible efficiency, and they did a great job with our new design and layout. They are professional, always helpful, and constantly thinking of new ways to increase the journal’s accessibility.”
– Peg Birmingham, DePaul University
, Philosophy Today

“The Philosophy Documentation Center helped me organize the publication of 10 volumes of Presidential Addresses of the American Philosophical Association in multiple formats: online, print-on-demand, and eBooks for download. They succeeded where others failed and I am enormously pleased with their work.”
– Richard T. Hull, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at SUNY Buffalo
, Editor and Publisher

“Philosophy Documentation Center provides an important service to the philosophical community and they do so extremely well. PDC has been very good to our journal, which is better off today thanks to their skill and commitment.”
– Erick Raphael Jiménez, The New School for Social Research
, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal

The Philosophy Documentation Center provides e-publishing and digitization solutions for academic publishers, professional societies, scholarly journals, and other organizations. We can digitize and host complete collections of journals, book series, conference proceedings, newsletters, and archives of any size. Each collection can be prepared for online delivery, long-term preservation, or both. Since each project has its own requirements, we work with you to develop the solution that best meets your needs. All work is done by a team that is thoroughly familiar with the content and structure of humanities and social science publications of all types.

Access Options

We offer a range of access options to meet different needs. Our goal is to create a sustainable path to an electronic future for each publication, while also providing free access to as much information as possible. Both username/password and IP-range authentication are available.

Discovery and Linking

All electronic collections hosted by PDC are covered by the major discovery services (EBSCO, OCLC, ProQuest) and are indexed by Google Scholar. Bibliographic metadata is available to all search engines, and is provided to select indexing services and journal portals in several countries. PDC supports OpenURL linking and integrates digital object identifiers (DOIs) into all journals it publishes. PDC supports Cited-By Linking with CrossRef and particilates in their CrossMark version identification service.

Customized Planning

We understand that the income generated from publications or membership dues can be essential to maintaining professional activities such as conferences, grants, and research stipends. We specialize in the development of sustainable online access arrangements that can help your publication or organization meet these commitments while increasing access.


All digitization and electronic publishing work is done on site at PDC. For select journals we provide online submissions management through ScholarOne Manuscripts. Our technical work is supported by Makrolog Content Management.


We host over 130 publications in several languages in our E-Collection, offering searchable access to over 130,000 articles, reviews, and other documents. We also provide customized hosting support for other organizations or projects whose missions are consistent with our own (example).

More Information

General information about our E-Collection is available in the following languages (PDF).

Contact Susanne Mueller-Grote at smg [@] pdcnet.org to see how we might help with your project.