Terms and Conditions

For Online Access to Electronic Resources Hosted by PDC



Purpose of Agreements

The Philosophy Documentation Center provides online access to materials owned by many different organizations and publishers. These materials are protected by intellectual property laws, and the protections include the content, title, and layout of each publication.

We have agreed to protect these materials on behalf of each publication, always trying to balance the interests of authors and readers on the one hand against the practical needs of each publication on the other. This commitment requires us to provide specific terms of access and use of publications on our site. Individual or institutional subscribers must agree to abide by these reasonable terms and conditions when accessing the content of collections on our site.

By honoring these terms you help us build confidence among the many independent publishers who rely on modest income to support the continuing production of each publication. This is important for everyone in the scholarly community because increasing trust among sponsors and publishers makes it possible for us to bring more material online more quickly.

Please note that we provide free fulltext search and page previews for all documents on the site.

Adjustment of Terms

We understand that some institutions may need adjustments or changes in our terms to meet the legal requirements of particular jurisdictions. We are open to this in principle but need specific information about the changes required. Due to licensing restrictions some changes can be made more easily than others.

Please contact us with specific questions if you believe changes will be required.