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A New Standard for Bibliographic Research in Philosophy

The Philosophy Research Index is an indexing database of bibliographic information on articles, books, reviews, dissertations, and other documents in philosophy. It uses the best available technology to increase bibliographic coverage of the known philosophical literature in several western languages. Coverage includes current and recent materials, as well as older literature back to the 15th century. The largest portion of this coverage is in English. Current listings and features include:

  • over 1.31 million bibliograpic records
  • 800 journals and series
  • coverage of materials in 30 languages
  • multiple search and browse options
  • facted search results, integrated time line
  • metasearch of all PDC resources
  • automatic translation function
  • save/export search results
  • direct links to JSTOR
  • OpenURL linking
  • monthly updates
  • Free trials
  • The metasearch allows PRI users to search all documents in our E-Collection and all listings in our Directory.

    The translation function combine all results into English. Social networking functionality facilitates information sharing. The database is OpenURL ready and an extended librarians' view is available for each citation.

  • Set up a free trial to PRI to test its functionality.
  • Full access is provided to institutions on a subscription basis. This income helps us improve functionality and expand coverage.

    What PRI Currently Covers

  • Journals and Series Title List
  • Scope of Coverage by Title
  • 870,000 articles
  • 250,000 reviews
  • 189,000 monographs
  • 20,700 dissertations

    TOTAL (July 2014): over 1.31 million listings.
  • Electronic feeds from publishers and journals projects help maintain and extend coverage of relevant publications. Our editorial team enters other data from print or electronic sources as available.

    Topics covered include: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, history of philosophy, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, political philosophy, and social philosophy. The scope of this coverage is expanding as more data is added.

    Outlines of complete listings are provided in the Submissions Guidelines.

    · ISSN 2158-916X (online) · Contact us to set up a free trial for your institution ·
    · Institutional access includes campus-wide license · Multi-campus and consortia pricing available ·

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    2) Institutions
    IP authentication, campus-wide access for 2013 - call to set up after ordering
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    For more information contact us by phone 800-444-2419 or 434-220-3300, by fax 434-220-3301; or by e-mail [email protected].

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