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Letters of Francis William Newman, Chiefly on Religion

The Braithwaite Correspondence, 1868-1897

Tod E. Jones, Editor

The Letters of Francis William Newman, Chiefly on Religion consist of 145 letters by Francis Newman to Robert Braithwaite during his lengthy journey from Roman Catholicism to pure Theism. Although written primarily to provide counsel and instruction, these letters offer a unique summary of Newman's mature perspective on religion and ethics, as well as autobiographical commentary and critique. This collection is indispensable for an understanding of the mind and heart of the Professor Emeritus, his relationship with his brothers John and Charles, his place within the Theistic movement of the nineteenth century, and its position relative to progressive Unitarianism. These letters have been transcribed from a collection recently acquired by the Armstrong Browning Library, and have been published with copious annotations and bibliographical references. The Letters are an ideal companion volume to The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion.

"All those interested in the history of religious thought owe Tod Jones a huge debt not merely for transcribing these hitherto unpublished letters, but for comprehensive notes and full scholarly apparatus that bring alive the context and background from which they spring." -- Stephen Prickett, University of Kent at Canterbury

· ISBN 978-1-889680-76-7 · Published April 2009 · Electronic Edition, PDF format · 245 pages ·

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