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Digital Media - Fifty Years of Events: An Annotated Bibliography 1947 to 1997

Fifty Years of Events: An Annotated Bibliography 1947 to 1997

Now freely available in electronic format!

Roberto Casati & Achille C. Varzi, Editors

This major bibliography offers a comprehensive overview of the recent literature on the nature of events and the place they occupy in our conceptual scheme. The subject has received extensive consideration in the philosophical debate over the last few decades, with ramifications reaching far into the domains of allied disciplines such as linguistics and the cognitive sciences. The starting point for this work is Hans Reichenbach's pioneering contribution on the logical form of action sentences, and the broad scope includes entries from the philosophy of action, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of space, time, and causation, and situation theory. Approximately 1,850 entries from more than 900 authors are listed in alphabetical/chronological order by author, and most entries are annotated (sometimes including brief quotations and cross-references). This excellent work also includes Subject, Name, and Second and Subsequent Authors indexes.

The Philosophy Documentation Center is pleased to offer free electronic access to this important research tool in an HTML file that can be opened here. An electronic table of contents with links to different sections of the bibliography is provided to facilitate browsing. The file is large (about 1.2 MB) and contains the entire content of the print version published in 1997. This electronic file has been made available by the authors, in cooperation with the Philosophy Documentation Center, as a service to the philosophical community. Print copies of this work are still available to ensure long term preservation of the content and can be ordered below.

About the authors:

  • Roberto Casati is a researcher at the Seminaire d'Epistémologie Comparative at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Aix-en-Provence, France.
  • Achille C. Varzi is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University in New York.
  • Together, Casati and Varzi have written Holes and Other Superficialities (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1994) and have edited the volume Events in the series International Research Library of Philosophy (Aldershot, England; Brookfield, VT: Dartmouth, 1996).

· ISBN 0-912632-66-6 · Published April 1997 · Hardbound · 402 pages · $33

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